MTVINC is an exceptionally creative corporate teambuilding and teambonding activity in Singapore.

It unites the entire corporate team on a spectrum of mainstage and backstage roles to create a meaningful & entertaining MTV.


MTVINC Program

Group Size:  10-200pax

Program Choice:  Competitive or COLLABORATIVE MTV 

Goal: Create a Creative MTV in 4 hours! 

Corporate Benefits: Creative Communication / Creative Leadership / Creative Collaboration

Collaborative Roles: Director / Songwriter / Singer / Actor / Actress / Dancers / Props / Makeup Artist / Time-keeper / Recording Engineer / Videographer / Film Editor 

Program Flow:  Create Storyboard / Rewrite Lyrics / Vocal Recording /  Recce / Acting / Choreography / Filming / Editing / Presentation

Devices:  iPads with preloaded Music and Video software

Songs:  Recommended songlist or client selection 

Pre-Requisite:  No prior musical experience needed for this team-building activity 

Charges:  Include iPads Rental, Rental of venue, Video Facilitators


Benefits of MTV-INC Program



Everyone takes on active roles to make the MTV a success. We conduct pre-event discussions to prepare the way for maximum creative expression on actual event day.



1) Song choice is up to you
2) Indoor or Scenic Outdoor locations
3) Collaborative or Competitive Challenge
4) 20 to 80pax.



Great achievement, creating an entire 5-min creative MTV along with fellow colleagues. MTV will be sent back to you for your viewing pleasure and momento for everyone.



Competitive Challenge will set apart winnning team from the others by Best Idea, Creative Expression, Time Management & Collaboration.


“Thank you Team Music for unveiling the talents in SIF!  This year is special as it marks our 25th anniversary.  We celebrated this important milestone with our key partners and friends, and recognised their contribution to our journey. We also wanted to rejoice with our own people, who are equally important in our journey.  Through the MTV-Inc, we did! We always knew we had talented people working in SIF but this takes it to a different level!  Thank you Team Music, for bringing MTV-Inc to us.”

Shirley Ang - Senior Administrative Officer, Volunteer Cooperation, Programmes Division, Singapore International Foundation