The latest corporate teambuilding event designed with the intersection of original inspirational songwriting vocal training, quality voice recording and videography. 


Benefits of DIVA-INC. Program

The Purpose

1) Teambonding, Celebration, Anniversary 2) Groups size 10-30pax

Original Inspirational Songwriting

DIVA-INC is a big leap of faith!

Our program inspires original melodies and positive lyrics, that uplifts the spirit of everyone in the team. Write and sing the one message that the team needs to hear at this opportune time of the business.

Vocal Training & Parts Allocation

Together, we can do this, even if you have team members who think they are tone-deaf. A few warmups should do the trick. Vocal training will be given to draw out the soul in each lyric.

Quality Voice Recording, Videography & Post-Production

The end result is a quality music video, a memorable momento worth keeping and reviewing from time to time. Share that with your company and colleagues.