Corporate Event Jamming in Singapore. No musical experience required at all.

Loud laughters! Great employee engagement and entertainment value.  




Team Music provides corporate clients the latest music teambuilding innovation in Singapore - BANDINC: The Ultimate Corporate Band Experience. This transformational program spans half-day to full-day retreats for 10-250pax. Absolutely no musical experience is required at all :) We train bands, focussing mainly on 3Cs - Clarity, Collaboration and Commitment.

BANDINC. Program Details

Group Size:  10-300pax

Program Choice:  Collaborative or Competitive

Goal: Play 2-4 songs together as a Corporate Band

Duration: Vary from 1 hr Energiser to 2 - 4 hours Program

Corporate Benefits: Leadership Agility / Team Chemistry / Change Management 

Learning Points: Clarity / Competence / Concentation / Consistency / Common Sense / Chemistry / Creativity / Commitment / Courage / Confidence 

Favourite Clients:  Schools, Corporate Companies, Government Agencies, MNCs, Families, Voluntary Welfare Organisations 

Program Flow:  Welcome / Orientation / Warmup / Practice / Practice / Photo-taking / Video-Taking / Debrief  

Musical Instruments:  Microphones, Keyboards, Electric Guitars, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Ukeleles 

Songs:  Recommended songlist or client selection 

Pre-Requisite:  No prior musical experience needed for this team-building activity 

Charges:  Include Rental of venue, Musical equipmentFacilitator & Instructor fees, Video recording

Dance: New Optional Dance Facilitation for large groups 100pax and above 


Benefits of BANDINC Program


100% Participation and fun

Every one of your team member is fully equipped with a musical instrument: Drums, Percussions, Bass, Guitar, Ukulele, Keyboard or Microphone. We are ready to conduct this Rock Band teambuilding program for your 10-200pax team.


1) Collaborative or Competitive
2) 5pax, 10pax, 20pax, ... up to 300pax,
3) Optional Dance facilitation for 100pax groups
4) Half day or Full day program
5) Songs in English, Spanish, Mandarin etc.
6) Location either at one of our venues or client's offsite
7) Conducted in conjunction with Dinner and Dance, Awards Ceremony, Anniversaries, Weddings, Birthday Celebrations, Parties.


No musical experience required

We have conducted this program for over 100 teams. Every team is well-trained to produce 2 songs for half-day or 4 songs for full-day program. We accept participants of zero musical experience or background. This will be a uniquely refreshing teambuilding experience for all.


There are essential Cs in the world of business and bands. Learn Clarity of roles, spirit of Collaboration, Commitment to finish the job and many other Cs such as Courage, Creativity, Consistency, Change Management etc.



This was one of the best team building activity I & my team had ever had (and we have joined many other activities before). Before trying the activity, we were worried that it might not be very fun as all of us don't know anything about music - not even the songs' names. But it turned out to be a lot of fun as everyone was so excited when they first played the drums, the guitars, the keyboards etc. And thanks to Daniel's friendliness and easy-to-get instructions, we all can form a band and had lots of fun with the activity. Definitely I will recommend this activity to anyone I know who is looking for a fun thing to do in Singapore. It's a must try!

Minh Châu Lê Nguyễn, Procter & Gamble International