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We now conduct 2 powerful teambuilding programs.

Experience BANDINC., the new indoor rock band corporate team building and performance in Singapore with Team Music!

Experience MTV-INC. the all new outdoor MTV Team Challenge with Team Music.

Choose Team Music for your next corporate Team Building Activities, Corporate Jamming, Awards Ceremony, Dinner and Dance, Product Launch or Company Launch, Weddings, Family Day, Birthday! Highly energetic and Highly engaging teambonding activity.

For 10-350pax

Leadership Agility


Rediscover the creative leadership within your leaders as you pick up the courage to lead others in a band! 

Team Chemistry


Experience the emotional high of working together towards one common goal, in a band. 



Change Management


Rediscover the power within you to adapt to musical changes as a band leader or member.



Video introduciton to BANDINC Corporate Teambuilding Program



Group Size:  10-350pax

Program Choice:  Battle of The Bands and/or COLLABORATIVE Competitive 

Goal: Play 2-4 songs together as a Corporate Band

Duration: Vary from 1 hr Energiser to 2 - 4 hours Program

Corporate Benefits: Leadership Agility / Team Chemistry / Change Management 

Learning Points: Clarity / Competence / Concentation / Consistency / Common Sense / Chemistry / Creativity / Commitment / Courage / Confidence 

Favourite Clients:  Schools, Corporate Companies, Government Agencies, MNCs, Families, Voluntary Welfare Organisations 

Program Flow:  Welcome / Orientation / Warmup / Practice / Practice / Photo-taking / Video-Taking / Debrief  

Musical Instruments:  Microphones, Keyboards, Electric Guitars, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Ukeleles 

Songs:  Recommended songlist or client selection 

Pre-Requisite:  No prior musical experience needed for this team-building activity 

Charges:  Include Rental of venue, Musical equipment, Facilitator & Instructor fees, Video recording

Dance: New Optional Dance Facilitation for large groups 100pax and above. Event Partner: Legacy Dance Co.  




Video Introduction to MTVINC Corporate Teambuilding Program



Group Size:  10-200pax

Program Choice:  Competitive or COLLABORATIVE MTV 

Goal: Create a Creative MTV in 4 hours! 

Corporate Benefits: Creative Communication / Creative Leadership / Creative Collaboration

Collaborative Roles: Director / Songwriter / Singer / Actor / Actress / Dancers / Props / Makeup Artist / Time-keeper / Recording Engineer / Videographer / Film Editor 

Program Flow:  Create Storyboard / Rewrite Lyrics / Vocal Recording /  Recce / Acting / Choreography / Filming / Editing / Presentation

Devices:  iMacs with preloaded Music and Video software

Songs:  Recommended songlist or client selection 

Pre-Requisite:  No prior musical experience needed for this team-building activity 

Charges:  Include iPads Rental, Rental of venue, Video Facilitators